Each year, thousands of children undergo treatment for cancer

Survival is possible, but children need your help and support. See why your contributions matter.


What we do

We help raise funds towards Leukemia research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario. Our efforts go towards the Hematology/Oncology department with the hopes of providing researchers the necessary resources to fight childhood cancer.

How we fundraise

We throw events and campaigns that encourage donations and sponsorships and are also rewarding for the donors and sponsors. The Saturday Night Fever Event and Sponsor-a-Bear Program are great ways to acknowledge and thank the supporters.

Some of our Goals

Supporting Child Patients

Treatment can be tough, so we try to find ways to make a child’s hospital stay just a little bit easier.

Fundraising for a Cure

We make it a priority to raise the necessary funds to support research efforts for childhood cancer.

Raising Awareness

Sharing is caring! We try to get communities and individuals involved in contributing to the cause.

Recent News

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